Stellarbed makes every apartment a little more spacy

Carpenter Tuukka Virkkilä had been thinking it for a long time: A bed could be so much more than a bed.

Then it struck him. Most of the time a bed takes up the majority of the space in a small apartment, so Tuukka figured out a way to make bring that space back in to play. Tuukka created the Captains bed, a bed that looks great feels fantastic and has loads of storage underneath.

The popularity of Captains bed encouraged Tuukka to focus entirely on bedroom furnishing in his company `Nukkuville` and with that decision Tuukka became a professional bedmaker.

After delivering the 109th custom made Captains bed to a client, he started to think what else could a bed be? How else can a bed give more to the person that sleeps in it?

A completely new kind of bed was born, the Stellarbed.

The idea behind Stellarbed is simple and functional, and just like the Captains bed it is designed to bring more space to homes.